Investment consolidation of PEP's and ISA's – do you wish to reduce your paperwork and have a clearer investment objective?

We were introduced to a couple who were becoming very frustrated with the amount of paperwork they were receiving with their PEP and ISA stock market investments.

Over the years the couple had used their tax efficient allowances with many different product providers. In addition they had not received any ongoing advice with the investments and did not have a clear investment strategy – they had purchased the investments and not reviewed them since.

Once it was agreed the investments were to be kept, we recommended that they were all consolidated within one arrangement. Our advice enabled the clients to have the following:

  • a reduction in paperwork, with valuations being sent out every six months, detailing ALL of the holdings

  • access to more fund managers than they currently had available

  • access to market leading fund management groups

  • a clearer investment strategy using the latest analysis tools available

As a result the clients have now simplified their affairs and benefit from having an annual review to make sure the investments meet their objectives.

The above case study is for information and illustration only. It is not intended to be individual advice and it should not be taken as such. If you have any questions relating to your own circumstances, please contact us.