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What Clients are Asking

Through our experience in financial planning we have advised individuals and corporate clients on many specific financial topics.  We have highlighted below some of the financial questions we answer on a regular basis.  Maybe you are thinking the same thing?

For a more in-depth look at some of these questions, and how they may relate to your requirements, please read through some of our case studies.

Individual Clients

Many people are too busy to manage their personal finances and wonder whether there may be potential to do better with pensions and other investments.

As a client of Austen Birkett Financial Planning, we can produce a comprehensive financial plan detailing advice on the best way to proceed with any investments (including pensions) you may have, whilst maintaining tax efficiency. However, some people come to us wanting advice on a specific financial issue. Here are some questions we have answered:

  • I am considering retiring in the next couple of years, what should I start doing?

  • Which ways can I draw an income from my pension taking account of all the recent pension changes?

  • What happens with my pension at age 75 if I have not bought an annuity?

  • I have several pensions with different providers, should I consolidate them with one provider?

  • How can I make investments and save tax?

  • Can you reduce all the paperwork I receive for my existing PEPs and ISAs?

  • Which are the most suitable investments for me, given my attitude to risk?

  • How can my spouse and I make the most of the independent taxation rules?

  • How do we reduce our inheritance tax liability?

  • Would it be beneficial to use trusts in our tax planning?

If you are considering any of the questions above and feel you need advice on what steps to take, then please contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

Corporate Clients

Business owners may have devoted so much time to running the business, there has not been enough time to deal with their personal finances. We can help by managing and simplifying financial affairs.

As with our individual clients, we can review existing policies and produce a comprehensive financial plan but businesses also come to us with specific questions that we have answered, such us:

  • How can we reduce our tax bills?

  • I can influence my total remuneration package, what tax-efficient benefits do you suggest?

  • How can we plan our business exit/succession strategy?

  • Do we need to review our pensions, especially given the rule changes introduced over the last few years?

  • I have a director's pension scheme but a transfer to a new arrangement may reduce my tax free cash entitlement - can you overcome this?

  • Is having my commercial property fund in my pension scheme efficient, with the new pension legislation?

  • How can we protect the business if the key people were unable to work?

If you are considering any of the questions above and feel you need advice on what steps to take, then please contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

"Mark and his associates have worked closely with us for many years providing sensible financial advice which has helped our business to grow. The service provided by Austen Birkett has been invaluable and we would certainly recommend them to deal with your corporate financial matters."

Encon Associates, Sustainability Consultants Nottingham

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