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Our Fees

After the initial meeting, free of charge, we discuss your financial needs and tailor our costs accordingly. Our advice is not product-orientated and each client's needs are different in terms of complexity and level of service required.

We believe the quality of our ongoing relationship is determined upon open communication and therefore, we do not make additional charges for correspondence via telephone, email or post.

Our fees potentially cover three areas, subject to your needs, and you will always have an exact breakdown of charges before any business transactions take place:

  • Financial Planning report. We will quote a fixed project fee with the 'Terms of Business' letter you receive after the initial meeting.

  • Implementation. Between 1% - 3% of the amounts invested.

  • Ongoing Advice. Between 0.5% - 0.75% per annum of the amount invested.

Our fees can either be paid by you personally or your company and can be offset against any commission that may be generated. If no commission is due, following our recommendations, then the agreed fee is paid by you.

If our fee is offset by us receiving commission, and it exceeds the agreed fee, then the surplus is re-invested into the plan, for your benefit.

"Mark has always given fair, honest and sound financial advice with my personal and pension plans in a friendly and non invasive manner.  I have been happy to act upon it with confidence and look forward to his continued support in the future."

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